Sunday, 23 December 2012

Halloween Party (Late Post)

Lately I have become Lost in the Realms of Space and Time and have received Pictures from the Jungle Boys Halloween Party. Late but not forgotten, LOL
 ROCK ON JUNGLE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spooked and Spirited, Thad Azalee

Luis Ceres Birthday Party

Luis celebrated his birthday with a Pirate themed party that Rocked The Cosmos with Pride and Pleasures that were highlighted by the live DJ while the tribe released our Life, Laughter and Lots of Tribal Love.
Eye Matie, Captain Luis Partied Like he owned the Seven Seas


Still Recovering from the Love overdose, Thad Azalee

Mayan Rumble/ End of the World

The Tribe gathered at the Mayan Temple to Rumble as the Mayan Calendar came to its’ end. The music, costumes and Rock Star Mentality sent the Gods a message that this Tribe will not end as we started our own calendar.  

Pics Proudly Presented by Thad Azalee

Friday, 30 November 2012

Another Hot Pub Party

Rocked out the night as we took Panos' DJ virginity.  The pub was packed with hot boys that partied for hours.

Monday, 8 October 2012


Naughty Lace, Naughty Skins and Naughty Music Kept the Universe informed as our Spirits and Passions burned Brightly in the New St. Lev’s Party Palace. Yes it was quite the Dress Affair with the Best In Costume Contest and Other Great Prizes that had everyone Rocking while they Displayed and Admired the Frilly Lace and the Native Dress Loin Cloth that flapped with Jungle Style. Those I interviewed shared these Pictures of the event with me for this blog telling me that all in attendance were Rolling in Their Frilly Lace to the Tunes provided by DJ Kyler Lionheart, that filled in when DJ Rob was taken captive by his previous audience.


Droolingly Presented By Thad Azalee

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Going Away Party

Chief celebrates one last party as he packs up and moves on. One week to go and he is off to Brazil.