Saturday, 26 February 2011

Finally Fucking Friday 2/25/11

     My chariot rumbled into the weekly Finally Fucking Friday event to catch DJ NIK working the hotties into a sweat then practiced my Diving Skills into the beautiful Blue Lagoon below. Some studs pondered the distance of the dive while others marveled at the Hotties and the Brave Studs performing their best Swan, Triple, Back and Flip dives and reeled at the splash from the "Belly Flops" that brought back cracking adolescent voices.

Gasping Voice of Thad Azalee

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Muram has a new look..

...and I think it is super hot!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dusk 2 Dawn

Chiefy was Shocking, the house was Rocking and those outside were a Knocking to gain access to this Titty Twisting Rumble that had the floors slick with the pleasure fluids flowing faster than a Mer swims in a Blender. The Bodies were HOT, the Cocks were SHOT and the SKY ECHOED with sounds from Mountain Tops to the Ocean Floors as we DRANK, STANK and SANK. Dancers Wiggled, Giggled and Jiggled their way around the Vampires that thought they had a fresh feast before them but found that they were the treats for our Jungle Tribe as the Passion Flowed, Groped and Growled. The picks that fallow are only a minuscule vision of the Chaotic Beauty, Passionate Friendship and Delicious Delights being shared by the Brothers and Sisters who were fortunate enough to make it in before, " THIS TRIBE BREACHED SL SIM CAPACITY LIMITS"!!!!!! (Again)

Graciously submitted by Thad Azalee

Some extra pics from Ryan Tuni of this crazy rumble -

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Silent Auctions

The big JB slave auction served as a good fund raiser for the jungle as well as a great opportunity for roleplay. And it is quite healthy to keep the roleplay going at the lagoon, a slave will be up in the cage for three days at the lagoon for you guys to bid on, unsold slave will be sacrificed to the jungle gods. Drop by the lagoon from time to time and get the chance to save a slave's life.

So far these are the slaves that are confirmed to take their turn in the cage. ( In chronological order )

A slave who tried to escape - Curt Kegel

A Jungle Price/ DJ - Shane Secretspy

A Stray Cat - Muram Neruda
A Jungleboy DJ - Zachery Kenyon

A captured Na'vi - Kellanlaurent Resident

* Interested participants for the slave roleplay may contact Tay Lionheart, or approach any Jungleboy slaves for assistance.