Sunday, 24 April 2011

Saturday Night Dance Party at the Slave House

…..ugg…. it has been a long night and a rough next morning. This crazy Saturday night dance party at the slave house turned into a 4+ hour marathon of dancing, drinking, and wild public sex. There was sex on the massage table, in the pond and on lily pads. We even had a bartender giving out drinks from the open bar. The night ended by everyone jumping and dancing in the pond. Jungleboys were stumbling back home afterwards and we left one hell of a mess in the slave house. Towards the end, even the Chief came and saw the debauchery and chaos… I feel bad that it was morning for him and he had to help clean up since Kev and Jay had passed out and most of the others were not in much better condition.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hi everyone, I am talking with Kellan, the Captain of the St. Levianthan’s College swim team. If you don’t already know, St. Leviathan’s College is a campus of role play activities for boys that now proudly has sports teams. I thought it would be great to talk with Kellan and find out what everyone needs to know about our school’s swim team.

Hi Kellan, thanks for taking some time to chat from your busy school schedule. You are the new swim team Captain, how did that happen for you?

Last Friday we had our first meet as a team. We all swam three laps around Paradise Lake, the first lap was for practice, and the other two were for the race. The race was tough. There were many fierce competitors out there in the water.

After the race the winner was announced and presented with a trophy. Then the guys got to elect and vote for a team captain. Someone elected me and the majority of men agreed. So here I am now, the luckiest guy in SL because I now have a whole team of hot hard bodies to sport with.

What should our Jungle Boys and St. Lev’s students expect from our school’s team this year?

I think that the Jungle Boys and students should expect to see a lot of half-naked swimmers roaming around the college, as well as a few possible events in the works.

Tell us a little about yourself… What brought you to choose St. Lev’s as your college?

Well what brought me to St. Lev's was the chance to RP with some cool guys that enjoy some of the same things I do! And, have you seen the guys at the college? ..Heh !

As for about myself, I love meeting new people and I am quite outgoing. I thought that this would be a great new way to meet and mingle with people.

I am sure that there are many good looking, physically fit boys already on the team. Are you still recruiting?

Lean tight bodies mean speed in the water and good scenery in the locker room -grins- so of course we have many fine specimens on the team. You would appreciate the view when I blow the whistle for them to get out of the pool. Seeing the beads of water rolling down every inch of their smooth skin and tight muscled flesh is quite a sight. Back to your question, yes, we are still recruiting at the moment. About 5 new guys joined the team just this week.

I noticed that the school has chosen a “Jammer” style swimwear for students, are these really faster or just cover up more?

Well I'm not sure why the jammer style was chosen. Jammers are made of more material than a brief, so they absorb more water and make more weight which slows you down. So now that I am captain I think I want to slowly incorporate a Speedo for the team. I doubt anyone is going to complain about seeing more bare flesh out there.

I think some might join just to get in some locker room time… is there much action in the locker room that our readers would want to know about?

Oh yeah man, there is loads of action in the lockers after practice, I myself viewed a rather steamy shower scene after the first meet . You guys are going to love it in there.

Chlorine is bad for the health of hair – what are the secrets the guys use to still look hot even after hours in the pool each day?

The trouble with chlorine though is that it makes your hair dull dry and unmanageable. If your hair is dry when you get into a pool it absorbs the chlorine .I find the best way to keep your hair safe from chlorine is to wet your hair in the shower before you get into the pool and making sure to use plenty of conditioner in the shower. Also I from experience I have found that getting the boys in the shower before practice gets them all loosened up.

OK Kellan – serious question, perhaps my most important – when is the best time to come and…. umm… err… “support” our team? (Evil smiles)

Personally I think you guys should come as often as possible. As for supporting us, we are going to hold an event every two weeks. It would be great seeing you there cheering the guys on. We’re also going to meet at the gym from time to time. You all can come watch and join the team in the locker room. I’m sure they could use help relieving the tension after all those long hard hours of practice -winks-

(I should mention at this point that someone else comes into the room and both Kellan and I look at him) Kellan, at this point I would love to break the exciting news –can you announce it here?

Yes i can actually, I recently decided i needed a co-captain to help me keep all these dirty guys in line! So I went right to one of the best and hottest guys I know, Czartimmus !!

Congratulations Timmeh!!

Timmeh, are you excited about this position?

Hello Ryan, and yes I am very excited to be here as a Co-Captain for the elite St. Lev’s Swim Team, and to be working side by side with Kellan as team Captain. Also, I am looking forward to work side by side with all the talented and sexy boys, winks.

Who is faster between the two of you?

Grins, well I can say this, everyone will just have to come to the meetings and competitions to find out, would like to Congratulate JD a team member on winning the cup for our first competition. But watch out, a few of us are quite quick so watch that backside, if you know what I mean..

Tell me what the initiation was like? (giggles)

Well Ryan, it was very exciting and fun, had many boys all over touching one another and swimming as ateam, seeing all the eye candy as we swam together for a competition, that the Chief set up for us all. Then the showers afterwards, blushes.. All I can say was HOT!!

Timmeh, so as “Co-Captain does that mean that you are in charge of something specific like for instance, close and personal attention the boys personal hygiene or other locker room needs?

There are many actions to consider as being Co-Captain for St. Lev’s here at Jungle Boys. Along with my Captain, I overlook the boys to see if the uniform is fitting correctly, the smoothness of the body, and hygiene of course. We don't want a "DIRTY" boy (winks) getting in the pool with all the half-naked boys? …..or do we o.0? But hey this is St. Lev’s, so we all know we are "DIRTY".. grins.

There are hot, steamy, wet showers one may enjoy after a LONG, HARD, SWEATY day.. Which I make sure all the team members wash off and get the salt off of their bodies, a clean swimmer is a healthy swimmer..

Thanks for your time guys; I am sure you have to get back to class…. Umm err.. or something..

Thank you Ryan and make sure to come join the fun and hot eye candy one could die for, because Willy Wonka does not have anything compared to this!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

TAY, JAY and ARIN pampering SIN

Jungle Princes Sin Snowfield Discovering the delights of Living at Jungle Boys
being pampered by some of the Jungle Slaves at the new Jungle Slave Home.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Accident at the Lagoon

A LARGE ACCIDENT HAS HAPPENED AT THE LAGOON, This area is unstable, unsuitable for most brains and jungleboys homeland security is declairing martial law. All dancing for 2days will be @ the centaur pavillion in the woodlands. This is a statement for the documentary film " LOOSE CHANGE 9 - 11" . Links to view the documentary is here :

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Underworld Rumble Update

When Chiefy cut loose on the floor with his tribe letting Nathanial’s tunes ignite the passions, peckers and puckering lips while dodging the Scooby Snacks that were thrown out of the Mystery Machine we returned to the chaos that allows us to enjoy this update while we nurse the hangover and I try to remember where I left my Underwear after this Underworld Rumble. Congratulations to  Gryffin Hawker and Thad Azalee .

Gryffin Hawker and Thad Azlee raffle ball winners
of  parcel rents for one month

Thad Azlee submits this search for his underwear.


It was a dramatic and violent battle between the Vampires and the Lycans. The dance off got started by our Chief in the underground subways just outside the ruins of the old city on the edge of the jungle. Though the lycans and vampires move faster than humans, we were still able to catch some pictures of these Underworld dwellers.