Sunday, 24 April 2011

Saturday Night Dance Party at the Slave House

…..ugg…. it has been a long night and a rough next morning. This crazy Saturday night dance party at the slave house turned into a 4+ hour marathon of dancing, drinking, and wild public sex. There was sex on the massage table, in the pond and on lily pads. We even had a bartender giving out drinks from the open bar. The night ended by everyone jumping and dancing in the pond. Jungleboys were stumbling back home afterwards and we left one hell of a mess in the slave house. Towards the end, even the Chief came and saw the debauchery and chaos… I feel bad that it was morning for him and he had to help clean up since Kev and Jay had passed out and most of the others were not in much better condition.


  1. Now this must have been a great party. This is how a Saturday night should be. Great that the Jungle Boys had a great time. This is how party's should be. An event like this would be worth the loss of sleep and the important thing everyone had a great time.