Thursday, 8 July 2010


Ever have ones of those days in which the dense jungle of JungleBoys is preventing you from topping up your tan with it's dense tree canopy? or are you in need of a rest from the dancing and partying by the lagoon? well theres a cure for that! Come see the new tribal beach! A relaxing spot for some fun in the sun , filled with many fun actives such as walking on the beach, feeling the white sand between your toes(or whatever else you use to walk around on) riding a four wheeler or a dirty bike with a friend or loved one...or maybe a go on the little bumper boats in the water to cool down from the hot sun OR to get revenge on someone in another boat. maybe the splash of bumper cars hitting on waves and others just not cooling you down enough still? well maybe you should take a quick swim in the water - or even take a dive to experience the vast underwater environment hidden under the waves... But be warned - if you need to rest and find your self surrounded by seals... Because the chief is currently dating each seal in turn and testing their gene pool to find the perfect seal with which to procreate; and make a new race of seal men.
****KOBALT has moved to the beach as well - to help with ur clothing needs. so if u don't happen to have a swimming outfit or just want something sexy and new - pop on over to the store.
If ur at the beach, shopping or just there to explore and just have a good time there will always be something new to find... and be careful of the chiefs seals.. trust me u don't want to know what happened to the last guy who shot a flare at a seal...(they are really fun to shoot from the cliff homes and tree houses of which we still have a couple LEFT TO RENT!! so if you want the chance to live on this awesome new sim - hit up the chief / garrett ceriano with a notecard)

(Article and pics by MattKr Sassower)

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