Sunday, 19 June 2011

JB 2nd Anniversary Royal Rumble

Yeah Babies. This Rumble was 2 Exciting, 2 Shocking, 2 Amazing and 2 Wild  as Tribal Hotties and guests filled 2 Sims that Boogied, Oogied and Oogled with Chiefy before and after he took the DJ booth to share his Love for the 2400 plus Tribal Brothers, Sisters, Elves, Furies, Vamps, Lycans, Mermen and others that share our 6 Sexy Sims that are admired and adored throughout the Cosmos. I am proud to present these pictures of how we Presented our Passions, Pride and Perseverance when we Shook, Shocked and Surprised the Portals of Time and Space with our Lust for Life, Love and Laughter that Expands into the Universe allowing Every Being to Enjoy and/or Envy our Existence

 Live, Love, Laugh,  Thad Azalee