Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chiefy on Walkabout

Our beloved Chief (Taylor2 Spyker) is fallowing his spirit guide into the Realms of Reality that are listening to the Tribal Hearts and Drums announcing his departure. He leaves SL in quest of the visions that guided his creation of Jungle Boys and the Massive Rumbles that still rock throughout the Cosmos and the Marvels of St. Leviathans College. His love for the Tribe and Students that have supported these visions fills his heart, mind and spirit as he takes this break to find New Adventures in RL.  The Wild, Crazy and Exotic Creations we have all enjoyed over the last Three plus years have been marked in place and time throughout the cosmic universes, while we keep them locked in our hearts and minds wishing him a safe journey with the protection of the Gods his SL visions awoke when His Tribe and Guests Gathered To
I was popping in and out of the open portals of Space and Time in the multiple Universes when I first heard the Tribal Hearts and Drums making the rhythms that drew me to the Lagoon where I met Chiefy and the tribe on that little parcel the day Jungle Boys Opened. Chiefy was so nervous I thought he would collapse from exhaustion as he gave tours of his creation on the hover craft then marveled at the unbridled passion and energy he released after every tree house rented on the first day then watched his energy explode as the Tribe grew faster than even he imagined. On that first day I witnessed the Soaring Spirits Circling as the Gods themselves watched, listened and joined in the friendship, Brotherhood and Passions that heated the lagoon to build relationships that are still soaring with them in the brotherhood today. I know we reel in that passion while we move through the Realms of Reality sharing as much of our time and imagination that we can with this Tribe that has expanded to members from around the globe. Everyone in SL and the Universe has heard the Hearts and Drums that awoke the Gods and lifted the spirits of everyone that has experienced the Lust, Love and Laughter that abounds as it drowns out the dramas that crept into the shadows. I know we owe our thanks to the few that started into this vision quest and the multitude that has joined since for supporting our Chief’s visions while our Tribe rallies to make more into the future.
The record being kept in this blog is only a small part of the Action, Events and Emotional Rescues that are a daily event in the Seven Seas of Sims that the Tribe and guests are free to explore. Each Sim allows the resident to show off their Imaginative Creativity to everyone that explores them. The true beauty of Freedom that Chiefy demanded for his tribe while constantly monitoring the Scripts that can cause lag for everyone, his pet peeve, as he taught the Tribe and St. Lev’s students about them. The lessons he learned he shared with his Tribe along with all the bargains, information and his love for adventure. These gifts, lessons and adventurous hearts create the beauty of our Brotherhood that is filled with Seductive Passions, Everlasting Brotherhood and most of all, “Our Unbridled Creativity” as we explore the ever changing imaginations that power the tribe and school. Chiefy opened the door for thousands to join his dream and now we continue to explore and revel in his passionate creation while he explores his RL quest for more to share with us when he returns.
A special Thank you to our brothers that have stepped up in support of our tribe, their hearts beat with ours as we support the dreams and passions we shared with Chief and each other as they continue our Sims:
Daemyn Parx for continuing St. Lev’s
Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood(tamlorn) for continuing Eden
Ringo (luis.ceres) for continuing Reefs
And especially to Eric (ericthebold) for continuing Quays, Beach and Oasis and renaming them:
Oasis North,    Oasis Central   and    Oasis South.
Tay and Kyler (Kyler Belger) Lionheart and Ryan Tuni and everyone that has been and still is embracing our brotherhood deserve a Very Special Thank You for Sharing in the Dreams, Passions and Joys that have made and are making Jungle Boys and St. Lev’s the success they became and plan to be.
Let’s Rock the Cosmos, Roll the Universe and Shake the Heavens while we,

Proudly Presenting a few of the Pics from my files,
Thad Azalee 

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