Saturday, 29 May 2010

Meet a Jungleboy - Say Hello to the awesome Sy Whitesong!

Hey Sy,

Totally awesome you agreed to do this interview - Thanks ;0)
ok sooo...

Jae: What first brought you to jungleboys?
Sy: So it was my first day in SL, and I was just cruising around, checking out several gay sims, when I stumbled upon the Blue Lagoon. I instantly fell in love with it, and now I call it home! =)

Jae: So what keeps you coming back?
Sy: Without a question, it's the Jungleboys, the Junglegirls, the Slaves, and (of course) our sexy Chiefypants. I've met so many AMAZING people at Jungleboys, and I always have a good time when I'm here.

Jae: whats your fave thing to do on sim?
Sy: Dancing and DJing at the lagoon are definitely my two favorite activities in SL. Oh! And meeting new people is always a nice bonus!

Jae: Ok so we all know your an awesome DJ - what kind of stuff do you like to play?
Sy: Aw, thank you so much! *blushes* Hmmm...I tend to bounce around from genre to genre, but I try to always keep my tunes upbeat and energetic. I would have to say that I probably tend to favor dance and vocal trance as my favorite genres, though. =)

Jae: Are you single? if not tell us about him ;0) if so - what kinda guy gets you going?
Sy: Sorry boys, but I'm very happily taken. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 8 months now, and I'm truly blessed to have someone as kind, intelligent, and understanding as he is. And of course it doesn't hurt that the sex is uberhawt, lol. =P

Jae:whats your fave item in your inventory?
Sy: A friend of mine recently gave me a sperm gun as a I don't even have to have sex with a guy to shoot sperm all over his face! WOOT!!!

Jae: you are often seen with angel wings on and like cool shiney living lights gear - are you really an angel...? (Jae looks suspicious... ) horns help keep my halo in place? *giggles*

Jae: So wheres your fave spot on sim at jungleboys?
Sy: Aside from the Lagoon, I really enjoy spending time in the meditation garden that I've set up in my treehouse. When I've had a rough day, I really enjoy just floating there in silence, watching the sunrise over the ocean. *sighs contentedly

Jae: Do you have a motto you can share with the tribe?
"Don't eat the yellow snow?" Those are words to live by, my friend. =P

Awesooooome thats a wrap - thanks for your time and keep an eye out - your gonna be a blogstar ;0)

**With Thanks to Sy Whitesong

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