Monday, 31 May 2010

Unveiling The New JungleBoys Blog!

Soooo Jungle boys! We have moved over on to this blog so that we can action some plans we have to add some more authors to the blog - which means more regular updates! woot! So in this bumper installment (its been a while thanks to my craptop being poorly) we have pics from The Space Mission, Prince of Persia, Dino Rumble, Out and about pics, and pics from the AWESOME Nightmare on Xstreet 2010!! Check it out!

As always anyone interested in submitting any material to the blog - Please Drop me a notecard and you might see your content appear on this blog.

And finally before you scroll to down to the pics - A BIG THANK YOU to my awesome Papparazzo boys Jabez Kanto & Thad Azalee. In the freddy Rumble post - you will also see a couple of pics from our own Shannon Kyrie.

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