Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lion King Rumble

Preview pics of LION KING Rumble Prairie..

Now to the rumble that crashed the sim, yes, that is right, a first in Jungle boys history, Burned and Urned so hot the lindens passed out.

The King pack drools

over Hotties

wiggling below

Cub wonders at gathering tribe

Tray gives



Hienas honor
each guest as
they arrive

Viper compares
size and durability?"

Maklin Decard
"The King"
Proves His Moves

Drako and Roby
show off thier

He77 and Chris
compare dance steps?

Kyler Belgar
as a Baboon.

Lord Secretspy
boogies with

MTD1952 eyes the
"WILD" boar ride

bounces for

Soren shows off
"His Moves"

Rumble continues at LION KING Cliff House. Whoooot, even the Lindens couldn't kill this one.

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