Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mer Sightings At Jungle Boys Sims

Thad Azalee's current tour of  Jungle Boys Islands found many places to behold while enjoying the beauty of or tribe, Recently he has marveled at the Mer sightings that have become more frequent thanks to the help of Jae, Matt, Drako, Roby and several other Mer's that have joined our tribe. Please extend a special " Thank You" to each of them for thier efforts to build and maintain this magnificent under water scenery for all to Experience.

Starting with sights from the Lagoons

 Roby and Johnny boi displayed thier charms, wit and pride when they gave  "Safe Waters Foundation" mer group a tour of Drako's Cove, Thad's Playground and our beautiful islands, spreading the Joy, Song and Mer beauty throughout the mulititude of reefs in and around our island Lagoons. 

Triton Leads the Dance Moves
Capholar Farshor marvels at Mameries
Graceful Dancers explore their motions
Chiefy Listens to a Personal Mer Song
Falicity Marat Sets the Dance pace
Marvelous Moves
Drako, Stef and Thad Frolic at Drako's mer dance floor
Drako and Thad Dream Chat

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