Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Elvis Lives - At St. Lev's Diner

Elvis's Reincarnation Sept. 9, 2011 rocked the sim so hard it was jumping like the cars at the lover’s lanes of his time. The days of putting pants on wet so they would form a second skin to the perfectly formed ass cheeks with the socks that were stuffed in the basket and slim cut shirts, while the girls put on the over padded pointy bras with enough perfume to challenge a skunk and showed off their pretty panties when they were twirled came to life while I was having a four way in the trunk of one of the Pink Cadillac’s Elvis donated to the escorts. I hope you enjoy the pics Jay Anton (Sparrowtree) took as much as I enjoyed the closeted guests in the trunk.

Searching for his lost socks, Thad Azalee

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