Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chiefy Returns with Bio Dome for Rumble

Chiefy magnificently marked his return from an RL Walkabout by Exciting the Tribe and Guests with spectacular effects and fantastic tunes that allowed the Erotic tendencies to Erupt. The Tribe gathered at the beach then walked into a portal that guided them to the Bio Dome filling it with gyrating bodies, lights and plants allowing everyone to soar with the free spirits that inhabit the sky in and around the Jungle Sims.  The pounding beat of the hearts echoed throughout the cosmos forcing the Gods to witness the Love, Lust and Passion being released before them without inhibition.  When the sky opened those that landed received rewards when they found the “RUMBLE” letters that also fell to the sim. It is my pleasure to share these pics of the tribe and guests so you can see and/or feel the passions that were shared as we impatiently wait another that is Equally Enhanced with Exotic Ecstasy.  

Erotically Endevored with Thad Azalee

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  1. Great post. Love the photos. Nothing like the Jungle boys. Keep up the great work.