Saturday, 29 October 2011

HellOween Rumble

The Jungle Boys Cemetery Rezzed, becoming Engulfed with Frightening Effects, Erotic Desires and Eerie Eruptions that drew many Horrified Innocents into the spooky realm as Meals, Deals and Feels for the “Creatures of the Night” while Chiefy rolled out the Spirit Drawing Tunes that filled Both Sims with Gyrating Zombies, Ghouls, Demons and an Amazing Variety of Evil Spirits. The tribe and guests shared the over L$10,000 sploder and one received the L$12,000 Parcel before N’Thaniel took to the DJ booth Enhancing the Spiritual Revelations while Chiefy rocked with his tribe until the Horrifying screams of the Innocents echoed after the Cemetery Returned to the Nether World. Those that escaped the Grasp of the Spirits landed safely on the sim reeling from their Emotional Rescue.

Frightening Greatings at Entrance

This Reporter Surveys the Grave Yard preparing the Cultlery for the Arriving  Guests
 Guests Arrive Ready To Rumble:

Droolingly presented by Thad Azalee

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