Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gremlin's Invade Jungle and Rumble!!!!

   The gremlins invaded our islands creating havoc, living in the jungle and under our furniture then began hatching after they found the special treats we let float on and around our lagoon. The special waters of our islands created Kayos, Kink and Killer instincts as the transformations continued. Some Tribal Brothers and Sisters became friends with the chaotic creatures when they danced to the delightful sounds Chiefy spun in the old theater. It was Wild, Wacky and Wickedly Wonderful as the sperm flew, molten rocks landed and the Memories of past rumbles were displayed while the Mammary’s and Manhood's Bounced. Luckily multiple paparazzi attended to capture all of the mayhem for our readers.     

Spun for you by Thad Azalee

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