Monday, 7 March 2011

Tribal Eden: Cyrus & Kev and Jay's parcels

Tribal eden is a Gem in our residentual sims and is one of the best looking sims at the moment, but it sure made a leap forward to getting its atmosphere warmer, peaceful and worthy to be called home. Cyrus started the change with his own area, and got tthe praises from the tribe. Quoting chief from his offical letter to Eden residents " I dont know if its the open ness, attention to detail, warmth and richness of the textures or what but i really feel at home." After a day or so, Kev and Jay made their way to support the change. Pictures are provided below
Cyrus Place
Kev and Jay's Place

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  1. OMG Androzz.. these are fantastic!! Please tell me you have larger versions of these (prayer hands)