Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hey Chief, thanks for sitting and talking to me for our blog readers. Let’s start at the beginning, how did Jungleboys get off the ground?

Jungleboys started when I had some time off work because of a lovely brain infection called bacterial meningitis. I had been in second life for a while, ran a few clubs most noticeably Gay Sands and I was getting bit tired of people doing things the same way. I’m a big fan of mixing opposites, just like Marilyn Manson. So I really wanted to try mixing digital with primal. I’m bit of a hippy in Real life and some of dance floor behavior that happens in Jungleboys I have defiantly taken part of in real life. So I got half a SIM and before I knew it I was done, designed in 3 days. It took two days for Jungleboys to be fully booked out. Looking back it actually looked quite shit but at the time everyone thought it was amazing. Slowly as we drove other residents out of the SIM and I took over parcel by parcel until we owned the whole SIM, thus Jungleboys version 1 was born, out of a bacteria in my brain.

What would you like to see happen at Jungleboys in the future?

The future of Jungleboys looks pretty good at this stage. It takes a huge amount of dedication behind the scenes and sacrifice (addiction) to run Jungleboys. Many places in JB are actually places I’ve been, miss and long to go back to. Jungleboys may or may not end when I decide I want to travel the world. I could probably take it with me. It Jungleboys got bigger in more SIMs then I would like to use the profits to make the Jungleboys main SIMs free, that would be awesome. I have lots of side projects that keep me entertained, ST levs and a few building projects so as long as the Spyker wrecking ball keeps swinging so will the boys of the lagoon.

Can you tell our readers about “Rumble in the Jungle” parties?

The first rumble in the jungle was in a giant geodesic dome in the old SIM. A DJ named Nico Flux played it I remember it well. Rumble in the Jungle are huge productions that I make pretty much every 2nd week. They are not just a dress up party; it’s like building a nightclub every time. One more crazy than the last. Ideas that inspire chaos and ppl to be creative with their avatar or Simply just come as they are. I got a bit tiered of best in blue events and shit like that so I decided to become king of gay parties in SL. So if anyone tries to claim that title let me know who they are cause I wanna fuck them, no one parties harder than the tribe.

Is Rumble one of the reasons that people like to party and live at Jungleboys?

Nah I think the variety of things to do, DJs and levels within the lifestyle here is why they like it. It’s not just a SIM, it’s a community and lots of ppl can find their place in the layers that are in JB. People make up the SIM not my prims so there’s always someone to talk to, somewhere to explore or just play with your toys across the SIMs and be silly. I guess those are some the reasons ppl like it. Also there’s not 2 much drama considering the amount of ppl that do live here, it’s quite peaceful times here.

What is the craziest shit you have seen go down at the lagoon? I know that you start the trouble more often than not but you have knack for that..

There’s been some amazing times @ the lagoon and random party’s I’ve thrown, especially while being on LSD. The lagoon is a temporary art space for me and changes quite a bit too some weekend theming to massive installations like Halloween and the Amityville house etc. As for the craziest damn that’s a hard question. I think me dressed as pennywise the clown having sex with a girl vomiting blood on her face set the bar high, I haven’t seen anyone top it yet.

You have some homes for rent and some land available – can you tell our Jungleboys about them and why Jungleboys is a great place to live?

Tree houses, cliff homes, beach houses, cave skyboxes, St. Levs dorm rooms and all the parcels, u will have to hit up the lagoon info board for all the info bout them

Who should someone interested in land talk to?

Myself, Tay Lionheart or Rob Fairymeadow

I know that you are a whore for SL Hair styles… how many different hair styles do you have in your inventory right now?

Shit - about 82 hairs, 8 hats, 12 beanies with hair and about 8 styles of dreadlocks. Those are the ones I’ve kept, there’s been some shockers though. Never trust a picture of what you’re buying.

What is the longest you have stayed online in one session?

I think three days. That’s when the game gets fun. You’re sooo wired and random and play the game differently. it’s fun to be sleep deprived on second life.

On a personal note, we have more Jungleboys slaves than ever, are you going to make the slave hut bigger? Haha.. you don’t have to answer that.. hehe

One step ahead of u

What is one thing about you that people may not know?

I’m a kindergarten teacher

Thanks for chatting Chief looking forward to the Gremlin Rumble!!

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  1. After 180 days in Jungle and SL found these blogs. they are great and I leaned a lot here. Love SL and the jungle. This is a great life. Nice to relax and find so many things to try and to to know so many who are so free. Love every Jungle Boy the greatest group in SL. Admre all the work you guys put into it. Hope to one day become a real asset to JS.